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“And I don’t know, don’t know, if we belong together or apart, except that my soul lingers over the skin of you.”

Anne Sexton, Waking Alone (via mjalt)

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“It’s kinda sad isn’t it?
That someone could hurt you so much that you have to write about it.”

July 7th (via 400eurojob)

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“Love is like a door knob that I’ve mistaken for a shower handle, and I’m trying to turn up the heat on our relationship, but the handle won’t turn and I’ve got shampoo in my eyes and my wetsuit is dry and I started crying just as the zookeeper asked me to leave.”

― Jarod Kintz (via psych-quotes)

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“Sometimes not talking is effortless, and other times it’s more exhausting than lifting pianos.”

― Steve Toltz (via psych-quotes)

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“People who wait for the right moment end up waiting forever.”

Chloe Bridges, The Carrie Diaries (via unimportant)

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“I think of how each person in a marriage owes it to the other to find individual happiness, even in a shared life. That this is the only way to grow together, instead of apart.”

― Emily Giffin (via psych-quotes)

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“Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness.”

― Bertrand Russell (via psych-quotes)

(via psych-quotes)

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Title: Save Me Artist: Nicki Minaj 26,089 plays

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